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When it comes to modifying the looks of today 's wide automotive array the need to accessorize has never been greater. Noticeably lacking is front-end personality. Everywhere chromeless, featureless, dead space greets the viewer.

Even worse, the nose end of most cars and trucks is framed by fragile plasticized chrome meant to be passed off by cost-conscious manufacturers as a cheap substitute for what was the genuine chrome-plated gleam-and-sparkle of the cars of yesteryear.

Nowadays, real steel and real chrome are hard to find. Numerous suppliers have hurried to fill the vacuum with grill inserts, billet grill replacements and grill kits. But, where's the steel? Where 's the real chrome?

Here at eAutogrilles.com We begin with rectangular tubing of 304 ' gauge stainless steel. It 's the grade of steel used to make chimney liners (you can imagine how corrosion-resistant it is).

Then, eAutogrilles.com orients each billet grill component at a specific angle to maximize reflective properties. This gives each billet grill its 'mirror effect. ' After welding, the whole grill is triple chrome-plated, including the mounting bolts!

This is why accessory grill trim by eAutogrilles.com excels over the competitors. Unfortunately, other accessory makers think like the automakers, with a similar fatal result - their products disfigure, discolor and just don 't hold up. The materials used in other grills are easily broken, bent and deformed, they corrode, and they often don 't fit well.

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